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Who is Summersett Custom Bicycles?


Need a real tool for doing trail work? One of the classic tools is the McLeod, essentially a combination of a large hoe and rake. Generally, they are hard to find and the commercial ones are just a bit lightweight, so, I've designed and manufacture a heavy model and they are now being offered for sale. Check them out on the Trail Tools link.

Summersett Custom Bicycles is a single person business entity specializing in designing and building custom mountain, road, and cyclocross bicycles one at a time. That single person is me, Bob Summersett. I do other stuff too, like modifying existing bikes for single speed use, making fun stuff such as receiver hitch covers and functional tools like the McLeod fire tool useful in building trails.

I love to ride bikes and I love to make things. Those loves combined and ultimately led me to building frames and bikes. Much of my early riding was on a mountain bike, but living in an urban area I had to drive to get off road so I rode mostly on a paved bike trail. Watching the roadies blow by me finally convinced me to check out road bikes, ultimately having a frame custom made for me by a local frame builder.

Through the process, I became enamored with all things from fit, design to building and got the bug to build a frame myself. A couple years later after studying frame design, geometry and fit and bike building, I had accumulated the tools and stuff needed and was ready to build a frame. Frame #001 was born and, as they say, the rest is history.

Being an active rider helps me understand the dynamic balance between fit, design, riding style and personal preferences you may have in order to build the right bike for you. I apply sound logic, use the highest quality materials, and proven design concepts on every frame or product I build. My goal is to build bicycle frames for people who desire a special bike; one that fits and rides like no other.

So, if you desire a bike that is hand crafted specially for you, one that fits, is unique, and one that will give many years of enjoyment and service shoot me an email or give me a call. Or if you want some fun stuff like the receiver hitch covers "HitchArt" to show off your favorite past time, just let me know.

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